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JAMES GOLDMAN's Monument (sarcophagus)

Chrysandri, seu Goldmani octo, ejusdem patris filiae septem etiam germani, ex secundis nuptiis Margareti; Jack, Gulielmus, Robertus, Joannes, Thomas, Patricius, magister Petrus, Carolus, Goldmani, & Jacobus, hoc Jacobo, patri, monumentum ad familiae sepulchri locum indicandum, extruxerunt. 1605 Januarii.




Revised in 1797 by William Goldman Laird 




Eight persons, surnamed Goldmans, all sons of the same father, and seven brethren also of his second marriage with Margaret Jack, viz. William, Robert, John, Thomas, Patrick, Mr. Peter and Charles Goldmans, and James, erected this monument to their father; for pointing out the burial-place of their family. January 1605.

Family . . . . Goldman . . . . Laird . . . .

W. G. . . . . I. G . . . . . R. G . . . . .

Revised in 1797 by WILLIAM GOLDMAN LAIRD


John died of the plague despite efforts from Dr Kinloch to save him, Patrick was overtaken by a sudden squall, and drowned in a harbour of Batavia (Holland). ROBERT, was thrown from his horse, and instantly killed; whilst the eldest son, WILLIAM, "the beloved of the common people, and the guardian of the welfare of Dundee," was carried off by death in the midst of his labours.


Source:Eminent Burgesses of Dundee - A.H. Millar 1887