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Iacobus Wedderburn Dec_____


These words mark the grave in the ground below of James Wedderburn, fourth son of Alexander Wedderburn and Janet Myln who died 1644.


The monument was destroyed by the erection of W15 and details are shown by an entry (D.C.B. 138) 1693, April 11, reciting leave given by the town council to Alexander Duncan of Lundie to bury " the deceist Anna Drummond his Ladie her corps in that piece of wast ground on the W. side of the Howff betwixt the head roume of umquhile James W. sometime dean of Gild, at the West dyke of the Howff at the S. and West," and to put up a family monument thereon.


Source: Wedderburn Book.

There is some confusion surrounding the dates as Anna Drummond died in 1695 and would suggest that the year would be 1698 rather than 1693 for the above entry. The lofty monument that is W15 is recorded as being erected in 1718 and may suggest that a monument had been built in this position then rebuilt again by Alexander Duncan the son of the above Alexander Duncan.