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Stone No. 45


Due to the repetitive nature of tombstone inscriptions we decided to develop a quick shorthand system, I've seen similar and more complex systems in the past. So have been basically making up my own as I go along. When I started working on this site, I decided to try and keep the online inscriptions as close to the originals as possible, in layout and in content.

So as an example I have below a copy of the text that was written down for the inscription on the right hand side, the layout can also be compared the the photograph at the top.

1829/E/B/JOHN FENTON/Farmer at Logie, and/ELIZABETH SWARD/ his spouse/IMO their S/DAVID/WD 6th November 1827/A27Y/Also their D/AGNES/D 6th February 1859/TA/ELIZABETH SWARD/D 1st April 1859 A84Y/And TA/JOHN FENTON/D Lawside 15th Decr 1859/At the same age

Below I've made a list of some of the more common lettering I use.

/ = New line

IMO = In memory of

D = died or daughter depending on context

WDTL = Who departed this life

WDIN = who died in infancy

F = Father

S = Son

B = Brother

A??Y = Aged ?? Years

TAM = The above mentioned

There are many others that can be used, I seem to make up more as I go along. Below I have a copy of the same inscription from an excellent reference book I have been using, Angus Memorial Inscriptions Volume 4, and have found it invaluable. Details are on the resources page.

1829. John Fenton fr Logie & w Eliz Sward imo s David 6.11.1827 27.Above John Fenton d Lawside 15.12.1859 84, w Eliz Sward 1.4.1859 84, da Agnes Agnes 6.2.1859





Farmer at Logie, and


his spouse,

In memory of their son


who died 6th November 1827,

Aged 27 years.

Also their daughter

AGNES Died 6th February 1859

The above


Died 1st April 1859 aged 84 years

And the above


died Lawside 15th Dec'r 1859

At the same age