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The Town Council minutes just issued contain a long report by Sir Thomas Thornton regarding the ownership of the building in the Howff burying-ground, now known as the "Blackness Aisle." Sir Thomas Thornton relates the history of the tomb, going back to the sixteenth century, and concludes -"That the last proprietor of Blackness claimed the aisle as his property is true. He put his crest on it and erected the tablet, but the present owner of the estate is unable to show any distinct title to it. No trace or reference to its ownership has been discovered. By whom, or over whose remains, it was originally erected is a matter of conjecture; but, having regard to the nature of Mr Hunter's application, he was of opinion that the Council should, without admitting of denying his claim to the ownership of the tomb, or taking any responsibility in the premises, allow him, so far as the Council is concerned, to restore and put up the old gate his father removed, or erect a new gate according to a plan submitted." This has been approved of.


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