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The St Andrew's church stands at the foot of King Street in Dundee, construction on the building was commenced on the 4th of June 1772 and was completed in 1774. The architect was Samuel Bell who used plans that had been prepared by James Craig of Edinburgh. The same plans were again used in the construction of the parish church at Banff. The church is known as the "Trades Kirk" and has some wonderful stained glass windows depicting each of the Incorporated Trades. At the right hand side of the church is the Kail Kirk, also known as the Glasite. Pastor John Glas, interred in the Howff formed a congregation known as the Glasites. You can read a little about his life in above link. The church itself has its own website which can give you far more information than I can here. St Andrew's church.

The attached cemetery was noted to have 60 inscriptions when recorded by Sidney Cramer in 1950. This has now been reduced to 42 monuments that are still readable with another 6 which have no inscription to speak of. The closure order for the cemetery was passed by Sheriff Fred L. Maitland Heriot on the 12th of October 1870.