Burial Grounds Search.


These pieces of stone can be found at various locations within the cemetery, the source of some are known while others need some further investigation to work out their origins. As I find more they will be added here.

Fragment from 1003.


A large fragment from 715 lies on top of 851, the second picture is fragments from the base of 851 which also includes fragments from 819 used in its construction.


The remains of 806.


Parts from 677 lying on top of 684.


Fragments supporting the legs of No.92.


Fragment used as a base for another monument in front of 103-3. Unfortunately the installed headstone is also unidentifiable.


In path near 711.


Fragment from 2nd monument that is numbered 1092

?? the year of the Lord ?

 ? he returned to Dundee

in 1797 trusting that the

trials of faith and

would be ??

and glory at the ?

?? Christ.


Under 770, I have included it here as it doesn't appear to be a complete memorial. The marginal inscription is almost effaced and access to view the remaining text underneath is hampered by the fallen legs from the table above.



These are in front of the Blackness burial aisle, one has the number 57 engraved on it and appears to be similar to material used for the foundation of table monuments, or that used to make plot markers.


In front of the first recess, has four recesses in the corners for perhaps locating table monument legs. This may be an overturned monument.


Fragments from 446-2


Fragments from the remains of 668


Base of memorial near W6


Top of memorial near 24


Behind No.7


Unknown fragments behind 68-3. Text can be seen very faintly but was unreadable at the time the picture was taken.


At the base of 766, and is a reused piece of monument acting as a foundation for a table stone which has now fallen to the left of the second image.


In front of 297 and most probably a side panel from a sarcophagus


Near memorial No.10


Various pieces near No.24, there are a number of other pieces in the bushes behind, further investigation reveals an upright panel at the base which leads me to believe this could be the remains of W9


Near stone numbers 64 and 65


Near 270. This monument can be seen on some Victorian images and is sitting roughly in the same position.


Fragments next to 69


This is possibly from 610-3 which is lying broken in the background, however the dry patch on the ground may suggest that there is a bigger broken flat stone under the pathway.


The Urn from the top of memorial W16 to Alexander Riddoch.


Base from an unknown memorial next to the Blackness burial aisle.