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  St Aidan's Churchyard

Broughty Ferry


Saint Aidan was born in Ireland and died at Bamburgh in 651. He was a monk in Iona by 635, was later made a bishop in Northumbria and founded a monastery on Lindisfarne. The monks weren't allowed to build up wealth and had to share everything with the poor.

St Aidan's churchyard was in use from 1831 until the Balgay Cemetery was established at the western end of Dundee. The Parish church situated in the cemetery dates from around 1837.

Sidney Cramer made a listing of the pre 1855 tombstones in 1951, I have included these stones along with some of the later headstones. Sadly the cemetery is falling into disrepair due to the effects of vandalism, which includes pushed over headstones.

Rather than use Sidneys' numbering system which is a bit here there and everywhere I have numbered them from the top right hand corner of the cemetery working left to right up and down the rows. I have about 5 stones still to be photographed and transcribed and some tidying up to do on the inscriptions.