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Listing of monuments which are mounted on top, within or just in front of the western wall on the ground. Also further below are some known memorials from the North wall which was dismantled in 1828.



  Grey box: Monument not found or removed in antiquity.

Fragments of text that can be found on the wall.

Spero Meliora [I hope for better things] (Only ___o Meliora visible today).

Ihone Bl- ( The remainder destroyed by the northern most recess).

Domino Confido [I trust in the Lord].

Thomas- ( The remainder destroyed by the rebuilding of W10 ).

THIS.IS.THE.FRASERS.BVRIL.PLACE ( In a small square recess twenty yards south of the great gate). No longer visible.

"AND SO SAL THE LORD BLIS THE IN AL THY PROCEIDINGIS” ( On the coving of the west wall at the nothern end, this may have a possible connection with the Nine Incorporated Trades and their meetings within the burial ground.


These monuments were removed when the north wall was taken down in 1828

Number 192 was moved a few feet south from its previous position and reconstructed free in the ground.

Number 192-2 Was a large marble tablet situated next and to the west of 192.

Also noted as being removed from the north wall when being dismantled were two fillets near the coping :-

"This is the Brabeners Head Roum". ( Said to be on the wall opposite No 557 ).

And to the east of the above "This is the Cordwainers Head Roum".

It was said that there were others, however the inscriptions were too badly eroded to be readable.


W1 Blackness Burial Aisle, obliterated inscription (Lamb).

W2 1st recess (Lamb).

W3 flat coped stone (Lamb).

W4 (Monteith).

W5 (Thomson).

W5A (Lamb).

W6 Between 4th & 5th recess (Thomson).

W6A (Thomson).

W7 (Lamb).

W9 5th Recess North of central gate (Monteith).

W10 on top of 9th 10th & 11th recess (Monteith).

W11 on top of 12th Recess (R.T.).

W12 on top of 13th Recess (R.T.).

W12A Within 13th Recess (R.T.).

W15 (Thomson).

W16 (Thomson).

W16A Destroyed by erection of W16 (Still visible).

W18 (Monteith).

W19 Destroyed by the erection of W15 (Still visible).