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A good story is told of the owner of a large property which changed hands in Dundee during the present week. The party in question was alive when the cholera visited Dundee fifty years ago and caused such ravages. At that time he had a young girl as a servant, who was stricken with the disease, and apparently died. A coffin was procured, and, as in those days funerals were really worth attending, a considerable number of mourners mustered at the gentleman's residence. While, however, they were toasting in deep potations the memory of the departed, her master suddenly entered the room in an excited manner and ejaculated-"Jist bide a wee, lads; the corp* is nae richt deid yet." History does not state how long the mourners had to wait until the corpse was ready for removal to the Howff.


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*Corp is a Scottish word for a corpse or dead body.