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THE Late Mr James Chalmers.

-A monument has been created in the Howff over the grave of Mr James Chalmers by his son, Mr Patrick Chalmers, WimbIedon. The following inscription in raised granite letters has been put on the monument :--
“To the memory of James Chalmers, bookseller,
Dundee. Burn 1782. Died 1853. Originator of the
adhenive postage stamp, which saved the penny
postage scheme of 1840 from collapse, rendering it an
unquali?ed success, and which has since been adopted
throughout the postal systems of the world. This
memorial is erected by his son, Patrick Chalmers,
Wimbledon, 1888."

This old cemetery is now out as a place of public resort, and this memorial, consisting of granite headstone, has been erected by and with the official sanction and assent of the Town
Council of Dundee.-" Dundee Advertiser."

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