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Stone No.13




Thomas H. Horne
and Ann Anderson his wife
In memory of
Thomas Smith Horne their son
Who died 27th Augt 1870 aged 19 years
Their daughters
Isabella Bell Thoms
Died January 17th 1854 aged 4
and Jessie Archibald died Decr 23rd 1860
Aged 3 years
And John Wm Archibald their son
Who died 28th Decr 1863 aged 2 years
The above Ann Anderson
Died 27th October 1880 aged 57 years
___ - ___

"Why should we mourn thy blissfull end
why heave the pensive sigh.
The spirit be___s from the clouds
and whispers from the sky.
Weep not for me your tears restrain
for I have found to die is gain".

Youngest daughter of the above
Mary Jean Pigeot
Died 18th June 1885 aged 16 years
Much beloved she was aye so pleasant
And their daughter
Elizabeth Ann Horne
Born 23rd November 1880
Died __ New Zealand 22nd Nov 1890

Asleep in Jesus.

John Horne father of said J.H. Horne
Who died February 18th 1858 aged 78 years
and Janet Archibald his mother
Who died January 16th 1856 aged 76 years
Also Alexander Lamont his nephew
who was killed at sea 1854 aged 11 years

____ S ___ Horne
______ the 78th year of his age.


____ their____ Elizabeth Horne
died 28th December 1878 aged _4 years