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Stone No.70-4




The monument that occupied this position was much ruinous and the coped sarcophagus top stone was removed and re-erected at 463 when it was being taken down to make way for a new memorial. When the foundations were being cleared for the new monument No70, three fragments were discovered and are numbered here as  70-3, 70-4 and 70-5.

Hic situs est e_____vrgi et Diedoni que obiit sexti diem Augusti anno 1591 aetatis suae____

Coat of arms, a saltier, and on a chief a saltier copued between two mullets, impaled with a chevron and a cross- crosslet fitched in base; on a cheif three mullets, the shield flanked with the initials T.A. on the dexter, and G.E. on the sinister side.

Source: The Book of the Howff, ©Lamb collection, reproduced with kind permission of Dundee Central Library, Local Studies Dept.