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Stone No.70-5



The monument that occupied this position was much ruinous and the coped sarcophagus top stone was removed and re-erected at 463 when it was being taken down to make way for a new memorial. When the foundations were being cleared for the new monument No70, three fragments were discovered and are numbered here as  70-3, 70-4 and 70-5.

____r honorab. vir anor. Guthrie c______ensis______________

There had been an impaled coat of arms, part of which remained, consisting of the tip of a displayed wing, and the extended talon of an eagle, flanked on the sinister side with the initials A.R, which, of course, belonged to Mrs Guthrie, and show her name had been Ramsay.

Source: The Book of the Howff, ©Lamb collection, reproduced with kind permission of Dundee Central Library, Local Studies Dept.