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Stone No.71



Inscription. AC Lamb

 Flat stone, Alexander Gray and Elspeth Smythe, 1613. Arms of Gray and Smythe.

"Ve pas from deithe to lyf.

As gras ve pas

From that ve vas

Ve hope againe,

Vith Christ to raigne."

Heir lyis ane godlie father, Alexander Gray, elder, Baxter, Bvrges of Dundie, quha

departid the 5 of Agust 1613, vith his spovse Elspet Smythe, a godlie matron.

Ve pass from deithe to lyf.

As gras ve pass

From that ve vas,

Ve hope againe

Vith Christ to raigne.

Source: Thomson.

Old stone on surface of ground broken in two.

Claimant: David Porter, Scouringburn & his heirs.