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 Stone No.715



 Sarcophagus of William Jackson, 1662.


"Hic proavosate vosq. quos his jactat honores et jactant alii jugera

mille soli spartum ornasse meam mea laus est est maxima et inde --

et procerum et populi conciliatus amor exercet bene se quisquis

calletino possidet hic satis opum sat quoq. laudis valet."

To William Jackson, a man conspicuous in his own station for integrity, industry, and no common prudence, who died in the calends of March A.D. 1662, and of his age 60; not without the grief of his fellow citizens, his wife caused this monument to be erected. Let this one boast of his ancestors, that one of his honours, and others of their thousand acres of land, be mine the praise to have adorned my own life, and to have conciliated the favour of high and low. The man who lives well possesses enough of wealth, and has enough of praise.


Revised in 1831 by James J Haggart in memory of his father Charles Haggart, late Mason, Dundee, who died 22nd May 1831, aged 63 years.

Source: The Book of the Howff, ©Libraries, Leisure and Culture Dundee, Local History Centre & is
reproduced with kind permission.