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Stone No.691





Hilltown Dundee


1811. Erected by Alexander Beig, Manufr. in Hilltown of Dundee, in memory of Catherine Thom his spouse, who died 10th August 1811, aged 59 years; and his sons, David, Alexander, and one who died in infancy. Also his sister Janet Beig, who died 5th June 1785, aged 50 years. Also the above mentioned Alexander Beig, who died 17th August 1819, aged 82 years; and his grandson Alexander Ferguson, who died 18th December 1819, aged 5 years, and Edward who died in infancy.

Previous in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints. Ps. 116.15.

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Rev. 14.13.

Source: The Book of the Howff, ©Libraries, Leisure and Culture Dundee, Local History Centre & is
reproduced with kind permission.