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W8A Carries 11-2





to the memory of


merchant Dundee

who died march 1817


his wife who died September 1856

and their daughter

HELEN who died May 1846



who died 11th July 1855

Also their children


Who died in infancy,


PATRICK NIMMO, M.D., who was a native of Dundee, laboured most successfully for upwards of fifty years in alleviating the sufferings of his fellow-creatures. After being some years in the East Lothian Cavalry Regiment, he established himself in Dundee, first in partnership with his apprentice master, Dr Robert Stewart, and then with Sir Alexander Douglass. He afterwards practised on his own account, and enjoyed an extensive and respectable practice in the town and neighbourhood, until within seven or eight years of his death, when age and increasing infirmities obliged him in a great measure to relinquish it. He was one of the first surgeons appointed to the Dundee Royal Infirmary, and for more than thirty years assisted much in raising and maintaining the professional
reputation of that benevolent institution. He only retired from it on the death of Dr Ramsay, about 1835, when he was appointed to succeed him as physician to the Lunatic Asylum, in which office he continued till his death. Dr Nimmo was always regarded by the profession and his patients as one of the ablest physicians. As a surgeon, he was held in high estimation ; his operations were very expert, and in general successfully performed. He died on
July 11, 1855.

Dundee 26 January 1857 permission granted to the family of the late Dr P Nimmo to remove old headstone to erect a new one in its place, see minute of the Hospital Committee of this date.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832.