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 Stone No.678






George Girdwood Soapmaker Dundee

and Isabell Young his spouse

in memory of their child Jean Girdwood

who died 12th January 1795

aged 4 years and 7 months

The said George Girdwood

died 8th January 1831 aged 72 years

Isabel Young

died 17th November 1826 aged 68 years

also Bessie Cook

Grand daughter of the

Rev David Cook

Grandson of the said

George Girdwood and Isabella Yound

who died 15th January 1848 aged 7 months

Write, said the heavenly voice, record,

That Bless'd are all the dead,

Who died in Jesus Christ the Lord:

Yea, yea, the Spirit said.


Further verse below needs to be transcribed.