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 Stone No.633







In life and beautys fairest bloom

death became and sunk her to the tomb

as a tribute of esteem to the memory of

his deceased spouse


Daughter of the late

Mr JAMES MUDIE Shipmaster

who died on the 20th September 1813

in the bloom of youth being only seven

teen years of age, this humble memorial

is raised by ALEXANDER MacDONALD

printer Dundee



died on the 19th May 1815

and is interred here.

(Rear is badly eroded, verse is listed below).

"In life and beauty's fairest bloom,

Death came and sank her in the tomb."

As a tribute of esteem for his deceased spouse, Margaret Mudie, daughter of the late Mr James

Mudie, shipmaster, who died on the 20th September, 1813, in the bloom of youth, being only

seventeen years of age, this humble memorial is raised by Alexander M'Donald, printer.


"How are the roses on that cheek decayed,

Which late the purple light of life displayed!

Health in her form each sprightly grace bestowed,

With life and thought each speaking feature glowed,

Fair was the blossom, soft the vernal sky,

Elate with hope, we deemed no tempest nigh:

When, lo! sore trouble's overpowering gust,

Left all it beauties mouldering in the dust."

Margaret Maver, mother of Margaret Mudie, died on the 19th May, 1815, and is here interred


Source: Thomson.

Claimant: Alexander McDonald, printer, Advertiser Office.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832