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 Stone No.638




The monument of Thomas Nicoll, Tailor (or Clothier), a man of known integrity, who

married first, Catherine Keil, then Elizabeth Ogilve. The latter caused this stone to be erected to

him. He died 20th May, 1668, and of his age 48.

Under this heap of stones Nicoll's body is laid. He was open, meek, and gentle, and dear to all for

the sincere piety of his life, and now he reaps the full fruit of heavenly joys.

Thy spouse, Catherine Keil, lies near thee; she being dead, another was chosen by thee, to wit,

Elizabeth Ogilvie, a loving wife, who has raised this tomb, and honoured thy memory with these


Source: Thomson.

Sarcophagus to Thomas Nicoll, clothier, 1668.


"Monumentum Thomas Nicolai, vestarij spectatae

Inegritatis viri qui primo Catharinum

Keilaem Elisabetham Ogiluiam duxit haec

cippum hunc illi caedendum curauit fatis

caedenti 20 Maii 1668 aetatis suae 48.

Mole sub hac lapidem Nicolii membra teguntur

Candidus hic animo mitis et innocuus

Omnibus in charus pietas sinceris laboris

Sic coeli fructus gaudia plena capit

Sponsa jacet Catharina tuae Keillae ju-

Defuncta vita haec altera lecta tibi

Elisabetha decens conjunx Ogilvia astruxit

Quae tumulum his numeris ossa te."


This has been a massive monument, with richly carved panels and heavy mouldings.

Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions Chiefly in Scotland (1834) Robert Monteith

Monumentum Thomæ Nicolai vestiarii, spectatæ in-
tegritatis viri; qui primo Katharinam Kellæam, dein
Elisabetham Ogilviam duxit: hæc cippum hunc illi
cædendum curavit, fatis cedenti 20 Maii 1668. .Ætaiis
suæ 48.

Mole sub hac lapidum, Nicolai membra teguntur,
Candidus hie animo, mitis & innocuus,
Omnibus ut charus, pietas sincera; laboris
Sic cœlo fructus, gaudia plena, capit.
Sponsa placet Catharina tuæ. Kellæa juventæ;
Defuneta vita hac, altera lecta tibi.
Elisabetha, decens conjunx Ogilvia, struxit
Quæ tumulum, his numeris, ossa tenure sua.

The monument of Thomas Nicol tailor; a man of
approven goodness, who first married Katharine Kellie,
afterward, Elisabeth Ogilvie: and which last caused
this monument to be erected to him. He died, as above.
Under this heap, here Nicol's body lies :
Was candid, meek and harmless, in his ways;
Was dear to all for holiness and pains,
And now enjoys heav'ns everlasting gains.
In youth, he had fair Kath'rine to his spouse,
She dead, he then Elisabeth did chuse; .,
Who built this tomb, to thee, out of her love:
And, to her self, a burial-place to prove.