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 Stone No.622



Flat stone erected by John Boyacke, Maltman, in memory of his wife, Isobell Gourlay, 1669.


"From dust I cam, and thither doe return,

Vho here abids, all tribes of earth shall murn;

Vhile heaven and earth wrapt in a scroll shall be,

And Christ, with saints, coming in clouds IIe see;

When soul and bodie united, shall againe

Be lifted up to Christ, for to remaine." 



Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions Chiefly in Scotland (1834) Robert Monteith



Here lies ane honest and virtuous woman, Isobel
Gourlay, spouse to John Boyacke, maltman; who died
1 June 1669, and the 36 year of her age.
From dust I came, and thither do return,
Who here abide till tribes of earth shall mourn;

While heav'n and earth wrapt in a scroll shall be,
And Christ with saints coming in clouds I see:
When soul and body united shall again
Be lifted up with Christ for to remain.

1819 Revised by William Mudie, Glasgow.

Claimant: Sister of William Mudie, Overgate.