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 Stone No.590




white marble table monument to the memory of Bailie John Jobson, 1698-1788 

Sacred to the memory of Bailie John Jobson, Merchant in Dundee, who was born

1698, and died April 1788. His industry and integrity, his piety and beneficence, were equally

remarkable. He will long be remembered by his family as an affectionate parent, by his friends

and fellow-citizens as a worthy man. His manners were plain, artless, and candid; and held up in

the midst of prevailing folly and dissipation, an example of primitive virtue. He enjoyed through

the course of his long life uninterrupted health, the fruit of regularity and temperance ; the

faculties of his mind also continued in full vigour to the last, and he died instantaneously and

without pain. He married

Mrs Margaret Smith, in 1723, who died in 1737.

Mrs Agnes Preston, in 1740, who died in 1741.

Mrs Elizabeth Brown, in 1743, who died in 1766.

And left issue, one daughter of the first marriage, and three sons and one daughter of the third.

Margaret, the survivor of the first marriage, died in 1800, aged 70.

Also, John Jobson of Rosemount, Merchant in Dundee, eldest son of the said Bailie Jobson, who

died in February, 1824, aged 71 years; and Robert Jobson, his second son, late Merchant in

Riga, who was the first popularly elected Dean of Guild of Dundee, in 1818, and the first popularly

elected Provost, in 1831, died January, 1836, aged 79 years.


Source: Thomson.

Claimant: Heirs of John Jobson Esq, merchant, Nethergate.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832