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 Stone No.561


Inscription from Monteith's An Theater Of Mortality

In memoriam generosæ indolis pueri Richardi Blyth,
filii Richardi Blyth a Pittachob, qui turbato naturæ
ordine, vitæ & parentibus mcestis novennarius ereptus
est, 7 die Februarii 1637.
Hunc puerum terris tantum ostendere, nec ultra
Hac luce ætherea fata dedere frui;
Ignavi in dextris numerant feliciter annos,
Immodicis animi rara senecta venit.
To the memory of Richard Blyth, a boy of a generous
engine, son to Richard Blyth of Pittachob, who, by the
disturbed order of nature, was pluckt away from life
and from his mournful parents, being as yet but nine
years old, 7 February 1637.
Fates only shew'd this child unto the light,
And then him shrouded in long lasting night;
Dull souls have many years upon earth's stage,
But spirits great come rarely to old age.

(Monument removed sometime after 1834)

Note: Other documents have the date being 1632.