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Stone No.473




William Smith
in memory of his mother Helen Baillie
who died September 1802
? father Alexr Smith
? Decr 1802 aged 73
his brother John Smith
? August 1848 aged 32

Badly eroded.

Original Inscription.

1814. Erected by William Smith, Weaver, Blackscroft, in memory of his mother, Helen Baillie, who died September 1802, aged 69; his father Alexander Smith died December 1802, aged 73; also his brother, John Smith died in France August 1813, aged 32 _______. Also Elisabeth Scott his spouse, died 3rd May 1808, aged 32 years.

Source: The Book of the Howff, ©Libraries, Leisure and Culture Dundee, Local History Centre & is reproduced with kind permission.

1814 William Smith, weaver Blacks Croft

7 Decr 1846 Revisal dues paid by Barbara Smith, sister and Andrew Smith, William Geddes and Andrew Geddes, nephews of the late William Smith, weaver Blackscroft, for permission to remove the old stone and erect a new one in its place, without prejudice to the rights of others, in terms of minutes of Hospital Committee of 4th Decr 1846.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832