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 Stone No.461




 This along with some nearby flat monuments are in the positions which are described as tombs rather than slabs. Due to the moss growth now totally covering the memorial no identification can be made, however, the tombs themselves which were in poor condition in 1834 may have been removed with just the covering slab left behind.

Elaborate marble monument erected by Grisell Brown in memory of her husband, Robert Davidson Junior, of Balgay, who frequently held the office of Baillie in Dundee, 1635.


The following latin poem occupied the lower panel:-


"Davididem cernes celebrem recubare comarchum

Marmoreo hoc tumulo munia celso tulit

Praetoris clari qui summa laude sourum

Decessit prudens sobrius innocuus

Mente sagax alacer vultu venerabile morum

Exemplar dormit jussu timore colens

Cui conjunx dilecta sibi vult carmina caedi

Hac fossa ut secum contumulatur humi."

Monteith's An Theater Of Mortality

Roberto Davidsono, juniori, Balgaiæ comarcho &
mercatori; viro integritate vitæ, prudentia industriaque
inter Deidonanos concives, admodum conspicuo: qui
sæpe præturam, summo cum amore & laude gessit.
Obiit calendas (or first day) Augusti 1665. Ætatis
suæ 50. Cui dilecta uxor Grisselis Broun superstes
adhuc, hic contumulanda, hoc cædendum curavit, anno
Davididem cernes celebrem recubare comarchum
Marmoreo hoc tumulo ; munia celsa tulit

Prætoris clari qui summa lande suorum.
Decessit, prudens, sobrius, innocuus;
Mente sagax, alacer vultu, venerabile morum

Exemplar dormit, jussa timore colens :

Cui conjunx dilecta sibi vult carmina caedi,
Hac fossa ut sue inn contumuletur Innni.

To Robert Davidson, younger of Balgay, merchant,
a man very notable among his fell-citizens at Dundee,
for his uprightness of life, prudence, and industry ; who
was oftentimes baillie with great respect and commendation.
He died as above, to whom his beloved and
surviving wife, Grissel Broun, for him and herself,
erected this monument, in the year 1672.
Here you behold great Davidson in dust,
In charges all was faithful to his trust;
A famous baillie ; greatest was his praise ;
He sober, wise, and harmless in his ways ;
Sharp wit and cheerful countenance ; yea he
A noble pattern of all honestie:
To whom his dearest wife caus'd cut this stone,
For his memorial lasting and her own.