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 Stone No.432



Inscription from Monteith's An Theater Of Mortality


In tomb although consum'd my body lies,
Yet my Redeemer Christ, with thir same eyes,
I shall behold, who of my life the prope
Was still, my trust, and portion of my lot.

I'le rest in hope, till Christ in clouds appear,
Who, with the saints, this body will uprear;
My soul united, from spots of sin, shall free:
Me with himself in heav'n, will glorifie.

Heir lyeth the bodie of Bessie Wright spouse to Patrick Rob cordiner who died Jan 25 1670 and of age 44 years.

Claimant: David Steel, farmer Carmichael.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832


The base of this monument is No. 436 of which the top was in a ruinous state when photographed in the late 19th century. The coped stone was placed to the east of 436 when moved from No. 70 and numbered 432. It can be seen in the below photograph.

Number 436


N.B. Mr Steel/ Steill is noted as the claimant in the register for number 432 and is also the claimant from where the coped sarcophagus lid came from at the location of No 70.