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 Stone No.435





 Splendid Sarcophagus erected in 1674 to Gilbert Guthrie, who left a large sum of money and extensive possessions in Dundee for the support and education of orphans, known as Guthrie`s mortification.


The monument was expressly to the care of the trustees of this mortification, and was kept in good order until about 1832, but since that time is now neglected and ruinous. Formerly the panels in the sides bore sculptured subjects taken from Quarles` "Emblems." The Latin inscription on one side of the sloping cope stone, which is still quite legible, may be thus translated:-


"Let another adorn his tomb with illustrious honours, this one rejoices in the palm of vital religion; for being rich, and spreading the abundance of his good deeds, his memory is dear on earth, and he reigns in heaven."


On the other side is an inscription in memory of Guthrie`s wife, Christian Wright, with an anagram, "Right in Christ," and the following verse:-


"Faith without words is dead, the scriptur saith,-

Sheu me thy works, and thou wilt show thy faith;

Both faith and works in this blest saint did tryst,

And sheu unto the world her Right in Christ."

Monteith's An Theater Of Mortality

Faith without works, is dead; the scripture saith:
Shew me thy works, and thon wilt shew thy faith.
Both faith and works in this blest saint did tryste,
And shew unto the world, her right in Christ.
holy bond of marriage with her beloved husband Gilbert This godly virtuous woman, after she had lived in the
Guthry 31 years, deceased 1 April 1661. Of her age 52.

Hic jacet Gilbertus Guthraens, vir pius, probus, integer

juxta ac optimus civis; insigne columen patriæ ejus;
qui fatis concessit anno aetatis 67, die Augusti 10, anno
Dom. 1647.
Alter honoratis cineres insignibus ornet;
Huic palmæ, vita relligionis erat:
Divite fæcundaque operum semente piorum,

Fragrat in hoc nostro, regnat in orbe poli.
Here lies (the said) Gilbert Guthrie; a man holy,
good and upright: a choice citizen and a notable support
of his country, who died as above.
With honours great some men adorn their dust; .
His honour, he religious was and just.
Of pious works a fruitful field was he;
His fame and soul hence live eternallie.

Claimant: Heirs of G Guthrie