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Stone No.34


Inscription AC Lamb/ Thomson

 Blank stone marking the spot of what was known as "Abraham and Sarah`s monument", erected in memory of Abraham Martine, Frenchman, barber-surgeon, son of Abraham Martine, burgess of Metz, and sarah Auchinleck, 1665 and 1673.



Heir lyes ane godly and vertwvs voman, Sarah Auchinleck, spovs to Abraham Martine, Frenchman, Chirvrgeon-Barber, vho departit this lyf 25 Jvly, 1665, of her age 40. Heir also lyes ane honest man, Abraham Martine, Frenchman, chirvrgeon-Barber, lavfvl son of Abraham Martine, merchant, Bvrgis of the City of Metz in Loraine, vho departit this lyf 13 June, 1673, of his age 57.


Revised 1820, J. Constable.



Collection of Epitaphs and Monumental Inscriptions Chiefly in Scotland 1834 (R Montieth)



Here lies ane godly and virtuous woman, Sarah Auchinleck, spouse to Abraham Martine Frenchman, chirurgeon barber; who departed this life 25, July 1665. Of her age 40.

Here also lies ane honest man, Abraham Martine
Frenchman, chirurgeon barber, lawful son of Abraham
Martine merchant, burgess of the city of Metz in Loraine;
who departed this life 13, June 1673. Of his age 57.

Claimant:James Nicoll Senior, Meadow Street

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832