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Stone No.375



This monument was erected to the memory of George Bell, late shipmaster in Perth, who died the 31st of May 1779, aged 51.

He was humane and benevolent in his disposition; active, industrious, and skilful in his profession; plain, honest, and unaffected in his manners; firm in his friendship, and inflexibly just.

Tho Boseas blasts on Neptunes waves,

Have driven me to and fro,

Yet by the order of Gods decree,

I hasten here below,

Where now I lye at anchor here,

With many of our fleet,

Expecting one day to set sail,

Our Admiral Christ to meet.

Source: The Book of the Howff, ©Libraries, Leisure and Culture Dundee, Local History Centre & is
reproduced with kind permission.

1779 George Bell, Shipmaster in Perth

Claimant: Thomas Reid Castle Street J.P. Murray & George Oman, cooper.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832