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Stone No.368



1788. Erected by James Cabel, and John Mill, both Shipmasters in Dundee, in

memory of William Myells, their father-in-law, who died 12 February, 1754.

also in memory of

Margaret Cabel, James Cabels daughter who died the 20 August 1787, aged 1 year & nine days.

Janet Mills, John Mills, Daughter, who died 31st of may 1777, aged fourteen month and a half.

To Screen them from all Earthly Charms, Death took them from their Mother's arms;Happy the

Change, they are free from Care, And Dwell where holy Angels are.

Here also are deposited the remains of the above John Mill, who departed this life 3d March,

1803, aged 57 years.

Source: Thomson.


Claimant: William Mills late shipmaster Crichton Street.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832