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Stone No.355




This stone has a number of stories surrounding it, one being it is said to have been placed in the Howff as part of an elaborate hoax by Alexander Christie in 1807 who was said to have removed part of a stair from the Vault and had the following names engraved on each side

East Side: William Renney

North Side: Janet Alison

West Side: Arthur Wemyss

South Side: Matildy Renney

With the date 1042 being added.

It is also said to have come from either the St Clements burial ground(1) or the former Blackfriars Monastery(2)

(1)Letter to the Dundee, Perth and Cupar Advertiser 03 September 1858.

(2)Dundee Delineated 1922.

The stone is also reputed to be associated with the Nine Incorporated Trades, as a meeting point. Along with modern myth that it marks the burial place of Grissell Jaffray whom was accused then burnt as a witch in 1669.

Subsequent research is showing that the monument was likely dated to 1642 and erosion had caused confusion over the inscription. Indeed the sandstone has not weathered well as it is now completely blank.

This has been covered in more detail within the history page.

Claimant: Allison Wymss, David Hutcheson Grocer, Family of Thomas Wymss.

N.B. This stone is said to be the oldest stone in the ground and to have been brought from St Clements Burying Ground Vault. But from the name and figures appearing to be modern it is doubtful.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832