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his spouse in memory of their

children Viz.


died the 15th : Feb'y: 1797

aged 5 months, ISABEL died 11th : Nov.r 1808 aged 5 years 2 months

DANIEL died 17th Nov.r 1812 aged 14

years and eight months

ALEX'r died at Jamaica 27th May

1817 aged 17 years. John died

13th Nov'r 1826 aged 18 years

SOPHIA died 17th Sep'r 1827

aged 22 years. And the mother

of 5 sons and 5 daughters

died 7th Jan'y 1830 aged 53 years.


Cuimhnich am bas

(Remember death)

Now we have reached the heavenly shore
These mortal frames we need no more,
Their work is done the grave devours,
And now these frames are no more ours.

Reader this is certain
Doest thou believe it.

On a small brass plate inserted on west side of the stone appears the following letters :ó
" T. S. &. T. W. B. W. T. I. W. T. R. A. C. F. S. D. Y. P."

Thomas Shepherd & The Working Band Will Thee Instruct What This Royal Arch Contains, For So Doing Your Pleasure.

Then below in an arched form cut in the face of the stone are the following letters :ó

" I. W. C. D. O. T. O. S. C. T. D. I. O. 1793. T. I. H. M.
S. A. N. O. I. A. L. O. A. G. P. A. A. H. O. A. H. B. R."

I William Clark, Designed on the Other Side, Came To Dundee In October 1793 Then In His Majesty's Service, A Native Of Inverness, A Lover Of All Good People And A Hater Of And Hated By Rogues.

William Clark was said to be a bit of a joker. Thomas Shepherd, sexton, and his assistantsó" the working band," were to explain the mysterious letters to the curious for- "your pleasure!"
The Royal Arch is in reference to Freemasonry of which the Howff has many examples, also the lettering itself follows in an arch around the face of the memorial.