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 Stone No.314






??????????????? WILLIAM WATSON?????

April 1733

??????????? WILLIAM MAXWELL Merchant

??????????? Baileis of Dundee

son ??????????? and ELIZABETH

????????? ANN OGILVY ???



August 1849 ????????


too much erosion to make out anything else

 Patrick Maxwell, Provost of Dundee, 1737.


Originally the inscription was in Latin, but it was cleaned off in 1859, and the present English inscription substituted.

Under this stone are deposited the remains of Patrick Maxwell, merchant and Provost of Dundee, son of the late Provost David Maxwell, who died 14th March 1737, and of his wife Elizabeth Watson, daughter of the late Baillie William Watson, who died 13th April 1733. Also of William Maxwell, Merchant, and one of the Baillies of Dundee, son of Patrick and Elizabeth, who was born 14 July 1726, and died 5 Decr 1785, and of his wife, Ann Ogilvy, daughter of Thomas Ogilvy Esq of Coul, who died 21st Feby 1814 in her 89th year. Also of John Maxwell, sometime Surgeon in Jamaica, and latterly residing in Dundee, son of William and Anne, who died 13th Oct 1859 in his 96th year. Also of William Maxwell, eldest son of John who died 27th August 1849 in his 27th year.

Source: The Book of the Howff, ©Libraries, Leisure and Culture Dundee, Local History Centre & is
reproduced with kind permission.

Original translated inscription.


The bones of Patrick, son of David Maxwell, Merchant in the city of Dundee, and

Provost of the same, lie in this burying ground, under this marble, toward the west. He died on the

first of the ides of March, 1737.

Under this also, towards the south, rest the remains of Elizabeth "Watson, wife of Patrick, and

daughter of "William Watson, formerly Merchant and Bailie in this place. She died on the ides of

April, 1733. She left, born of her, three surviving sons, David, William, and Patrick, and two

daughters, Isabella and Margaret. From her also he begat another Patrick, who died on the 12th

of the kalends of January, 1730. and Alexander, who died 8th May, 1735, and Euphemia, who

yielded to fate 20th May, 1736.

Source: Thomson.

1764 by Thomas Ogilvy of Gaull Esq

Claimant: David Maxwell Esq of Bog-Mill

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832