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 Stone No.317



Inscription from Monteith's An Theater Of Mortality

Charissimo & unico filio Thomæ Halyburton, spei &
indolis eximiæ puero; qui Diem obiit mense Junii, anno
1672. Ætatis suæ 10. Monumentum hoc posuere
parentes moestissimi A. H. I. M.

Hunc nobis natum dedit indulgentia cœli;
Hunc alacres, cœlo jam repetente, damus:
Interea, dum læta Dies nos junget olympo,
Noster, in hoc charo nomine, crescat amor.

To their dearest and only son Thomas Halyburton, a
boy of great engine, hope, and expectation,

who died in January, in the year 1672, and of his age 10.

His mournful parents erected this monument.
Heav'ns kindness gave to us this son; and now
We give him back, at their demand, as due;
And, till with him we happily be met,
On his dear name our love and joy is set.

Claimant: William Powrie, merchant Dundee

8 Oct 1846, revisal dues paid by James Powrie of Reswallie for permission to erect a monument (317-2) in memory of his late father in place of the stone upon pillars No317, but without prejudice to the rights of other parties.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832