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Stone No.303






Inscription left side.

Inscription right side

 Per frera dum mundi infrabilis malefida ferebuy

Anchura spes verbum nautica pixis erat

Sacra fides baculus, distendens carbafa ventus





Hic cum conjuge charris Euphemia Lochmalony

Jacet Robertus sterlin nautra et mercator in deum

pietate vita integritate et conciuim arrore canfpicuus

Duarum illa diem obyt anno at

36 dam 1648 hic anno at 75

dom 1668


Monteith's An Theater Of Mortality

Hic, cum conjuge charissima Eupemia Lochmolonny,
jacet Robertus Sterlin, nauta & mercator; in Deum
pietate, vitæ integritate, & concivium amore conspicuus:
quorum illa Diem obiit, anno ætatis 36, Dom. 1648.
Hic anno ætatis 75, Dom. 1668.
Per freta dum mundi instabilis malefida ferebar,
Anchora spes ; verbum nautica pixis erat;
Sacra fides, baculus ; distendens Carbasa ventus,
?? ; solus tu mihi Christe polus:
Nunc cœlum tuti statio super æthers, portus,
Et renum incertas rideo sperno vices.

Here, with his dearest wife, Eupham Lochmolonny,
lies Robert Sterlin, skipper and merchant, who was
notable for his holiness towards God, integrity of life,
and love of his neighbours. They died respective, as
above.The world's tempest`ous sea while I did plow,
My anchor, hope; the word my compass too;
Blest faith my helm; the wind, to fill my sails,
The holy spirit with its blessed gales;
Northstar, thou Christ alone; I steer'd to thee,
Thou still was in mine heart and in mine eye;
In heav'n above, my safest port whence I
Despise and scorn all earth's uncertainty.

Here, along with his most beloved wife, Euphemia Lochmalony, lies Robert Stirling,

Shipmaster and Merchant, renowned for his piety toward God, for integrity of life, and for love

toward his fellow citizens. She died in the year of her age 36, and of the Lord 1648; he in the year

of his age 75, and of the Lord 1668.

Whilst I, unstable, was carried through the Friths of the "World, Hope was my Anchor, the Gospel

was my Compass, Sacred Faith was my Helm, the Holy Spirit was the Wind distending my Sails,

and thou, Christ, was my only Pole Star; now Heaven is my safe Road-Stad, my Port is above the

Skies, and I despise and laugh at the uncertain Chances of the World.

Source: Thomson.


Claimant: John Alison Esq, merchant, Dundee

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832



Note. I have copied this as accurate as possible from the original stone.... I have no doubt it contains errors.