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To the pious memory of Christian Pilmore, who died 29th March 1751, and of her age 31. Also to James, Thomas, Janet and Christian, infants, William Marshall, Merchant, Dundee, erected this for his spouse, well deserving of him, and to his most sweet children, in the year 1752.

William Marshall, who erected this stone in memory of his spouse and children, died 10th March 1781. His sons, William died at New Orleans 23rd Decr 1803, and George at London 24th Feby 1807. Eliza Marshall, daughter of George, and spouse of David Martin, died 8th Septr 1817; their sons, William died 25th Feby 1813, Alexander 1st Septr 1816, John George 26th Augt 1817, and Samuel Ellis 16th April 1818. They were lovely in their lives and in death not long divided.

Source: The Book of the Howff, ©Libraries, Leisure and Culture Dundee, Local History Centre & is reproduced with kind permission.

P.M. Christiane Pilmore quae fatis assit 22 mens mart 1757 aetatis suae 31 Necnon Jacobo Thomae Jaunctae Christianae infantibus Qulidmus Marshal morcator deidonanus conjugo de se bene onexenti liberisq dulcissimis posuit anno 1752

1751 by William Marshall

Claimant:David Martin Esq, merchant Roseangle.