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Large Flat stone

MD 1756



This stone was erected by

JAMES and JOHN DICK merchants in Dundee

in memory of JAMES DICK writer in

Dundee their grandfather

who died the year 1622 and CHRISTIAN CHALMERS his spouse

their Grandmother who died

in the year 1737 and ELIZABETH

MAIDEN their mother who died

in the year 1743 and MUNGO DICK merchant in Dundee their

Father who died on the 1st of December 1755 being the 66th year of his age lyes also

interred here JOHN DICK merchant

Lawful son of MUNGO DICK merch

who died the 20th Jan 1765 aged

41 years and 5 months


Here lies the above JAMES DICK late merchant in Dundee and collector of the Cefs 21 years who died the 24th Nov 1808 aged 88 years here lies CHRISTIAN WARDRAPER spouse to JAMES DICK merch who died the 23rd Jan 1793 aged 65 years.

Claimant: Miss Dick daughter of James Dick late collector of Cess