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 Hier lyis ane godlie and honest man JAMES WAT flesher bvrges in Dundie, who lived in the holy band of matrimonie with AGNES THEANE 38 zeires and did buir to him 8 children he departit this lyif the 26th of Sep 1641 aged 62

Revised in 1835 by Mrs D Lanceman

Into thine hands Lord we commit,

owr soulls, which is thy due,

For why? thou hast redeemed them,

O Lord owr God most true,

The faithful neids not fear death, for Christ is taken away the sting thereof.

Remember, man, as thou goes by,

As thou art nou, so ons vas I

As I am nov, so shall thou be

Remember, man, that thou most die.


The memorial of the just shall be blessed, but the name of the wicked shall sore

James Wat, flesher, son of Andrew Wat, flesher, was admitled burgess 19th September 1609. He was born in 1579, and survived till 1641. His tombstone is still in existence in the Howff of Dundee, and as several unfounded legends have crept into epitaphic literature regarding it, the following exact copy of the inscription will be of interest :

' Heir lyis ane godlie and honest man, James
Wat, Flesher, Bvrges in Dondie, who lived in the holy band of matrimonie with
Agnes Theane, 38 Zeiris, and did bvir to him 8 childreng. He departit this
lyif the 26 of Sep. 1O41, his age 62.'

' Come, qvirists ul, and sing villi me,
Hale Iv ja. Hale Iv je.'

On a shield carved on the stone are the implements of the skinner trade.

From Compt Buik of David Wedderburn. 1587-1630 published 1898

Mrs David Lanceman of certificate by William Hackney

N.B. Both these stones (262-263) revised by Mrs D Lanceman Castle Street, dues paid 9 April 1835

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832