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 Sarcophagus stone with full-length effigies of John Baxter, baker, and Helen Seyton his wife, 1609, with the arms of Baxter and Seyton.


"Ve live to die, and deiis to live for ever."

Conditur hic vir providus Joannes Baxter pistor burgen de Dundie qui obiit 20 Octobris 1609 et Helena Seyton yir sposae


Heir lies a prudent man, John Baxter, Baker, Burgess of Dundee, who died 20th

October, 1609, and Helen Seaton, his spouse. Ve live to die and deiis to live for ever.

Source: Thomson.

Claimant: George Rodger, Whalewright West Port.

16 Jany 1837 revisal dues paid by David Martin Thomson, tidesman for family of Thomas Roger machine maker

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832