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D. Goldman. (Merchant`s mark and mottoes on ribbons.)


"My soole praises God. My soole praises God.

Death is lyfe to the godlie.

Thy glasse runnes. Myne is runne." 


Left hand escutcheon has a heart transfixed by two darts.


The following is from Eminent Burgesses of Dundee 


 "Heir lyis . . . . rt . . ldm . . . . . ane . . . .. . fe in . . . . 26 May of his age . . . .


My sovle praises God. My sovle praises God.

Death is lyfe to the Godlie.

M. L

I. Z. D G

I. F

Thy glasse runnes. Myne is runne. 1617."


The initials I. Z. are placed on each side of an escutcheon bearing the arms of the YEAMAN-ZEMAN family. The other letters are placed upon and around a shield, and may be the initials of some obscure monumental sentiment. ROBERT GOLDMAN was Collector of the Crafts in 1601 3, and was also a member of the Glover Trade. On several occasions he appeared before the Privy Council, together with his brother WILLIAM, as representing Dundee in some of the disputes in which the Burgh was concerned. ROBERT lost his life through a fall from his horse previous to 1617. WILLIAM GOLDMAN first appears in the town's records as one of the Councillors in 1590, and from that time until his death, which took place, in 1613, he was actively engaged in the service of the Burgh.

Claimant: Family and relations of Goldman Laird

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832