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Inscription. AC Lamb/ Thomson

Dr William Ferguson, Baillie of Dundee, and Euphamia Kinloch. Erected by william Ferguson, their son, 1627.


Arms of Kinloch of that Ilk and Ferguson.


Full length skeleton in centre.


To Mr William Ferguson, Physician and Bailie in Dundee, and Euphemia Kinloch, his dearest parents; also to seven brothers and sisters German, who died by the disturbed order of nature; likewise for himself and Helen Duncan, his lawful wife, the surviving William Ferguson, merchant, raised this monument to their pious memory. Mr William Ferguson died 25th March 1627, aged 64 years, and Euphemia Kinloch died 5th June, 1630, aged 57 years

WILLIAM FERGUSON, the Physician, who was made a Burgess of Dundee in 1592, was born at Dunfermline, in 1563, and settled in his father's native town, where he ultimately rose to the dignity of Bailie of the Burgh. His house stood a little to the west of the foot of Couttie's Wynd, nearly on the site of Union Street. After a long career of usefulness, he died in 1627.

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Claimant: Family of Graham of Balmuir