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Stone No.51






Inscription Front.

Inscription Rear.



By ALEX'r KINNEAR mathematician and

Landsurveyor in Dundee

In memory of the following persons Viz.

his father ROB't KINNEAR late

Maltman Dundee, died Sep 18th 1772

aged 51, intererred here. His son

Robert died in nonage interred Coupar in Fife.

his son Thomas died in nonage interred here.

His spouse JEAN TOD

died Sep 13th 1795 aged 28 years interred

Coupar in Fife. His son George died in nonage,

interred here, and his cousin German

JAMES HILL Weaver Dundee

who was babarously murdered in Chapleshade,

Dundee on the evening of the 1st

or early morning of  the 2nd of

January 1799. Also THOMAS MORGAN his

Son in law who died 11th Feb 1881 aged 82

and his daughter HELEN KINNEAR spouse of

the above THOMAS MORGAN who died

on the 27th June 18?? aged 90

and interred Largo



And his son

JAMES died in infancy

His mother in law JANET HOOD

died March 15th 1804 aged 64

His son ALEXANDER died May 28th 1804

aged 14- Also ALEX'r KINNEAR

Landsurveyor died 5th April 1806 aged 40 years


Grocer Scouring Burn Dundee

died 22nd January 1853

and is interred here

His Widow being interred in Newtyle