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 (original inscription erased see below)


Revised By


ship carpenter Dundee

in memory of his children Viz


who died 17th Dec 1800

aged 2 years

WILLIAM who died 31st March 1808

aged 9 months


who died 7th Feby 1815

aged 9 months

ANDREW who died 18th Oct 1818

aged 8 years

Monteith's An Theater Of Mortality

Here lies an honest man named Walter Gourlay,
maltman and burgess of Dundee; who deceased 28
April 1628, and of his age 46 years, with his twenty
bairnes. (All their heads being cut upon this stone.) W. G. M. R.


Walter Gourlay and Elspeth Pie.
[Walter Gourlay, with his wife Elspeth Pie and all their
Twenty Bairns lie below a flat stone about fifteen paces from
the west door.]
Epvte Pie. Here ly I. My Twentie Bairnies, My Good
man & I. 1628.
* This stone was taken up in 1819, and all the 22 heads and the old
writings taken off.

Source Dundee Deliniated

1819. Revised by John Dewars, Ship Carpenter, Dundee, in memory of his children, viz., Peter, who died 17th Deer 1800, aged 2 years; William, who died 31st March, 1808, aged 9 months; Catherine, who died 7th Feby 1815, aged 9 months ; Andrew, who died 18th Octr, 1818, aged 8 years.

This monument was originally inscribed thus:—Heir lyis ane godlie honest man namit Valter Govrlay, Maltman, Bvrgis in Dvndie, quha decessit this lyf 28 of Apryl, 1628, of his age 46 zeiris, vith his vyf and his twentie bairnis.

Source: Thomson.

 In May, 1628, Walter Gourlay, maltster-burgess of Dundee, executed his will. To his elder son, James, he bequeathed a third part of his estate; and he provided legacies to his son, John, and his daughters, Margaret, Jean, and Catherine. His will was confirmed at Brechin in June, 1628, when his " free gear " was estimated at £2886, 13s, 4d.7 

James Gourlay, brother of Walter, died at Dundee
in February 1631 ; his testament-dative was given up
by Katherine Alexander, his relict, in name of Walter
Gourlay their son.

Memorials of the Scottish House of Gourlay
by Rogers, Charles, D.D. 1888.