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Stone No.180



Original inscription is in Latin.

The monument of a singular matron, Grisell Scott, spouse to George Brown, then a

renowned Bailie, now advanced to the Provostship, by the greatest love, honour, and respect of

all persons. She died in the year of the Christian era 1667, and of her age 37, and, with six of her

children, lies under this slab.

Here Grisell Scott lies in this little tomb,

With children six sprung from her fruitful womb;

As many live: was sixteen years a wife

To her dear husband, in a holy life.

All! cruel fates break bands most sweet and sure,—

Against their violence, what can endure?

Chaste, calm, and spotless, prudent, liberal,

She to the poor and the distressed all

Source: Thomson.


Old tomb inscription not legible.

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832