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 Stone No.169




Table monument to David Webster, shipbuilder in Dundee, and his family, showing model of a ship on the stocks, 1727.

This stone has been erected upon an older flat stone to the memory of Alexander Guthrie, Maltman, with his wife and eight children.


Heir lyes David Webster shipbuilder in Dundie who died the 4 day of March 1707 aged 42 also heir lyes James Webster his sone who died the 14 day of Agust 1719 aged 20 dayes. Also heir lyes Margaret Webster spowse to Andrew Low shipmaster in Dundie she died the 15 days of February 1738 years and of her age 33 years with her seven children about her.

Oh! death, judgement, eternity!


Morale navis in mare
nundum deductae

Revised in 1814 by
Andrew Low
Shipmaster in Dundee
in memory of his son
John who died 14th May

Dundee 30 Sept 1856 permission granted by Hospital Master and factor (in virtue of remit from Hospital Committee) to the Sons and daughters of the late Mr Andrew Low, shipowner to erect a tombstone in this space, but that without prejudice to the rights of other parties

Source:Register of Tombs and Monuments in Dundee Burial Ground, 1832