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 5th Recess, North of Central Gate

Not confirmed, however these fragments could be the remains of this monument.


FERGUSON's Monument

M. W. F. W. F. H. D.

 Vos qui transitis, memores nostri, rogo, sitis;

Estis, quod fuimus; quod sumus, hoc eritis;

Omnia transibunt; nos ivimus, ibitis, ibunt

Ignari, gnari, conditione pari

Hoc scio, quod vivit, qui me moriendo redemit,

Spes manet haec membris indubitata meis.

Manet, post funera virtus.




Ye who pass by, of us pray mindful be,

You're what we were; what now, and you shall see;

All things shall pass; we went, and you shall go,

Learned, unlearned, equally all so;

I know that my redeemer fives; this hope,

To me in grave, is comfortable prope.