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9th, 10th and 11th recess.




Inscription below the coping.

In monvmentvm sepvltvrae familiae Mvdeorum, erexit Jacobus Mudevs, anno 1602

The family burial tomb of the Mudies, James Mudie set up in the year 1602.



Hic jacet virgo castissima Joneta Mudie, filia unigenita quondam Jacobi Mudie praetoris civitatis Deidonance, quae, leti viam patri praetentans, obiit mense September; anno Dom. 1612. Ætatis suae 15. Tota hominis vita, ad mortem, iter est; mors ipsa, ad vitam, via. Omnia debentur fatis; paulumque morati, Serius aut citius, sedem properamus ad unam.




Here lies a most chaste virgin, Jonet Mudie, only daughter to James Mudie, sometime Baillie of the city of Dundee; who, ushering her father the path of death, died as above. The whole life of man is a passage to death, and death itself is a passage to life.

All things depend on fates; all in their turns,

Sooner or later, hasten to their urnes.

The above inscription to Janet Mudie was in all probability be on a tablet fitted in the recess underneath the monument, no trace of it remains.