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Charissimo fratri Thomee Milne, in urbe hac vita cum decore functo, anno Dom. 1651. iEtatis 22. Magister Milne, pastor Forgonensis posuit . T. M. Longam fama dabit vitam, cui fata negabant; Nec moritur, cui sic contigit oppetere.

To his dearest brother Thomas Milne, who lived and happily died in this place, as above, Mr. Milne, minister at Forgon erected this monument .

Short was his life; his fame shall laste for ay;

He liveth still, who happens thus to die.

Chariss. fratri Thomae Milne in vrbe hac propugnabat vita cum decore functo. Ann. Dom. 1651, aetat. suae 22.

Monumentum hoc posuit Magister Alex. Milne, Pastor Forgonensis.

Longam jama dabit vitam quam fala Negabant, nec moriter cvi contigit appetere.

To his dearest brother, THOMAS MILNE, who lost his life duly fighting ill defence of this Burgh, A.D. 1651, in the 22nd year of his age, this monument has been raised by Magister ALEX. MILNE, Pastor of Forgan.

Fame shall give the long life which the Fates have denied; nor is it death thus to be snatched hence.

Source:Eminent Burgesses of Dundee - A.H. Millar 1887