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Between 4th & 5th recess


Memoriae Jacobi Guthrie consanguine judiciis integri apud taodunonses qui fuer a patri Mro jo Guthrie ecclesiae Toadunensis pastore peregre missus Holmiae tyrocinium mercaturae fecit manumissus cum pluribus populis commurcium habuit duseit uxorem Christianam Scott Jo Scott praetori orfam quae pia conjuse hoc sepulchrum suis sumptibus moerens posuit fatis concessit calandis Aprilis aetatis suae 46 anno aerae Christianae 1710 uxorem & septem ex ea filios superstites relinquens.

Source: The Book of the Howff, ©Libraries, Leisure and Culture Dundee, Local History Centre & is reproduced with kind permission.


To the memory of James Guthrie, related to an upright Judge amoung the inhabitants of Dundee, who, when a boy was sent to a distance by his father, Mr John Guthrie, pastor of a church in Dundee. He served his apprenticeship to merchandise at Stockholm ; and, when freed, he traded with many nations. He married Christian Scott, descended from Baillie John Scott. His pious wife, sorrowing, placed this monument at her own expense. He died in the calends of April, in the year of the Christian era 1710, and of his age 46, leaving his wife and seven of her sons surviving