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 Stone No. 1455




Memoriæ charissimi viri sui, Davidis Alexandri tinctoris qui ob morum probitatem artisque peritiam

notus, desideratus obiit anno Dom. 1623, Septembris 8. Elisabetha Lin mœrens P.D.C. & manibus ipsius precatur.

--- tenuem & sine pondere terram,

Spiranteisque crocos, & in urna perpetuum ver. Juv.

S.T.T.L sit tibi terra levis.

To the memory of her dearest husband David Alexander Dyer ; who, being known for the goodness of his life and skill in his trade, died much lamented, as above.

His mournful wife, Elisabeth Lin, erected this monument; and prays for his remains,

That on his grave sweet smelling saffron grow,

And in his urn eternal spring may blow